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If you're an organization that aspires to break new grounds in the Saudi Arabia rapidly evolving market, we invite you to join our Partnership Network.

As a IT consultancy in the Gulf, we excel in tailoring technology solutions to meet the unique demands of diverse sectors in Saudi Arabia such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Construction, and Finance.

At VM Group, we do more than deliver solutions; we forge enduring partnerships for mutual growth and success.

Our core expertise

Our approach is dual-faceted

Client Needs Assessment

We accumulate a pool of client requests from Saudi Arabia, specifying their technology needs, and conduct global searches to meet those demands.

Partner Selection,
Support and Onboarding

We scrupulously select partners who can bring value to our Saudi Arabian clientele. This involves in-depth market research, client interviews, and — if necessary — product adaptation assistance to optimize value propositions.

We are particularly interested
in tech solutions that focus on:

Operational Efficiency

Energy Efficiency




Asset Management

Talent Development

Process Mining

Artificial Intelligence

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